• History

    Prospona began its history in 1988, when food technologist  Wacław Naumczyk started a fruit and vegetable processing plant in Janczowa, near Nowy Sącz. The turning point for the company was the purchase of the production premises in Nowy Sącz, where the company has been located ever since. As the years have passed, the company has changed from a small family firm, employing just a few staff, into a modern factory, with more than 200 workers. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the market has allowed us to become the market leader in the production of fruit preserves for the food industry in Poland. Our success stretches far beyond the boundaries of Poland: our products  are available globally in more than 30 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Korea.

  • Quality without compromise

    The high quality of our supplies together with our continuous effort to improve the working and production standards has given Prospona the reputation for being an honest and reliable business partner, and our products are widely known for their unmistakable taste. This allowed Prospona to be awarded with BRC and IFS certificates. This success was the result of many factors: the traditional character of our timeless recipes as well as looking to the future by introducing new products.

    However, the most important of all factors has been our highly qualified and dedicated staff, without whom there would be no success at all.

  • Innovation

    Even though Polish culinary traditions are a constant inspiration for us, it is our innovation that has been the driving force behind our success and systematic development form the very start. We pay particular attention to our collaboration with confectioners. Their experience, creativity and knowledge of their staff allow us to create products which have become indispensable for any modern patisserie. Our industrial range of products requires an individual approach and direct contact with the client. Our technology, marketing and trade specialists work closely with each customer. Specific knowledge, experience and commitment from both sides result in a product which satisfies all demands and expectations of the client.

  • People and technology

    Our facilities are equipped with modern technology and highly qualified staff, which allows  us to meet our clients' needs with speed and flexibility. Our high quality production lines are able to deal with more than 30 types of fruit and vegetables as well as to produce a wide range of products. The individual machines of the lines can be calibrated separately so each part of the process becomes independent.  Our products are offered in  many types of packaging, ranging not just in volume - from 100g containers for household customers to one-tonne vats for industrial manufacturers – but also in shape – among others we offer cardboard boxes, cans, canisters, tubs and barrels. Thanks to our flexible production lines, each customer can choose the most appropriate form of packaging for themselves.