Prospona - Fruit inspirations

Prospona - Fruit inspirations

Sweettened fruit

Sweettened fruit Sweetened fruit

Sweetened fruit for ice cream have been developed for professional ice cream manufacturers.

They are perfect as a fruity addition to dairy-based ice cream as well as giving an intense taste and flavor to sorbets. Sweetened fruit are also ideal for decorating and variegating ice cream desserts.

Sweetened fruit

  • Fruit content: 65%.
  • Extract: min. 50 °Brix. 
  • This product does not contain any colourings.
  • Storage conditions: refrigerate between 0-8°C.
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For freezing
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For direct use
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Manual dosing
No. Product name Packaging Shelf life Pieces/Euro Pallet
1 Sweettened fruit - raspberry bucket 4 kg 3 months 144
2 Sweetened fruit - raspberry plastic jar 1,1 kg 3 months 468
3 Sweettened fruit - strawberry bucket 4 kg 3 months 144
4 Sweetened fruit - strawberry plastic jar 1,1 kg 3 months 468