Prospona - Fruit inspirations

Prospona - Fruit inspirations

Granita syrups

Granita syrups granita syrups

Syrups for granite - the base for the production of refreshing dessert of half-frozen consistency.

We offer up to 7 flavors of syrups with distinct aroma and colours.

  • Available flavours: orange, peach, lemon, tropical, cola, green apple, sour cherry. 
  • Fruit content: 10 % –25 %. 
  • Extract: min. 65°Brix.
  •  Proportion to be used: 1 syrup:4 water. 
  • Packaging: plastic jar. Shelf life: 12 months.
Owocowe inspiracje Owocowe inspiracje
For direct use
Owocowe inspiracje
Shelf life 12 m